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Welcome to the Boomer Racing team web site. I created this site to promote a sport that I love (sometimes we call it an obsession!) and also to promote the businesses and merchants who sponsor the team. I will show all the news of our performances and results all through the summer on this site. So come back to visit often.

Don't be shy, look around the site and if you have any questions or comments, send me an e-mail.

Thank You for your visit.


15th of January 2013:
The 2013 tentative schedule is up in the 2013 SCHEDULE section, as you can see we will be racing quite a lot this upcoming season ! Take a look !

1st of September 2012:

18th of June 2008: Back from our Montreal vs Québec weekend in Pont Rouge Saturday and St-Tite Sunday. I got to 2nd round in Pont rouge where I got screwed by a local rule only in Pont Rouge, my opposant moved forward and closed the Pre-Stage lights and didn't get a red light (it wasn't written 'DEEP' in his windows) and I went and did a breakout of .050, so I got screwed!!! As for St-Tite, the day was going well, when I got to the Semi-Finals it was me who made a mistake, I accidentally moved forward and closed the Pre-Stage lights, but I got a red light!!!! Where's the problem????? Anyway, a nice weekend of racing where I was able to see my good old racing buddies!

10th of June 2008: Back form Napierville where I did a few test-n-tune runs, I did 2 passes with 200HP of nitrous and I did a best of 9.44 at 148MPH, not bad for the first passes with nitrous. So there is only a bit of tuning left to do and then I'll hit it with a 300HP shot!!!

27th of May 2008: AT LAST, my first runs since summer of 2005. I went to Napierville on Sunday to try the car and loosen up a bit. I didn't use the nitrous, on motor only, I did 3 passes and did a best of 10.55s at 133MPH. I'm missing 2 MPH and .3s if I compare to my last runs without nitrous in 2005, and the only change made is the exhaust pipes are now 4 inches instead of 3 inches. That could be the reason for my loss, but i will surely gain when I hit the nitrous!!! I think that I will go back this weekend and I'll be ready to turn on the nitrous system!! So see ya next time!

20th of June 2007: Hi everyone. I have some good news today, the Firebird is gone at the body shop to get painted and fix the little defects made by the fire in 2005, it is at CT Collisions in Iberville for the repairs. The parts for the engine are all arrived and I have to find the time put it back together and put it through some dyno testing for the final tuning. I got some help to get the racing operations going, new sponsors are on board with the Boomer Racing team, thay are: Tranport Lafleur, Relais Routier Petit, and DF Coffrages, all in Ste-Hélène. Thanks to the new sponsors and welcome to the team. So come back to see us very soon to see where we are at. Thanks.



14th of April 2007: The Message Board is closed again because there are too many robots and idiots registering to make free publicity and spam, so it is a big waste of time for me. I don't know if I will reopen it in the future. Sorry for those who used it regularly.

6th of January 2007: The Message Board is back up und running, so go ahead, get the discussions going!!!

5th of December 2006: Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've given you any news. I guess my racing career (if we can call it that!!) was put on hold for a while, the time to get my business off the ground. The shop is getting along quite nicely and I'm almost finished all the painting and getting everything up and running. It will be beautiful and very functional once all completely finished.
Well, I'm here to announce that I will probably be racing in 2007, I'm starting to look at all my stuff that got destroyed in the 2005 explosion and fire and finding that it isn't all that bad. I think I found someone to paint my front end and maybe get a few tiny dents out of the doors to make the car look real good. I will start putting the engine back together very soon and then on to my dyno to see what this baby has in it, WITH THE NITROUS!!!, man I can't wait to get it roaring and snorting some nitrous, it' gonna be music to my ears. Take a look at the 2007 schedule, I have starting filling it up with the season's first car shows and the races will be coming soon after.

30th of March 2006: Hi everyone, I have some big news for you, I am leaving Sept-Iles to move to Sainte-Hyacinthe. I am opening a shop with an engine dyno, do some fabrication, wiring and do maintenance on race cars. The shop will be in Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot, which is about 10 minutes to the east of Sainte-Hyacinthe. I purchased a 4000 square foot building and the dyno is ordered. I will be in Sept-Iles for another month but I will probably be on the road every weekend to bring all me equipment and tools to the shop. And also, I will have a booth at the Salon National Auto Sport in Sainte-Hyacinthe on the 7-8-9 of april, so come and see me! THE NEW WEBSITE IS:


20th of August 2005: O.K. here it is, our season ended in a big bang, really, on the 23rd of July in Pont Rouge during a test-n-tune day. A nitrous solenoid stayed open at the end of the 1/4 mile and created an intake explosion which took the carb and almost all the wiring with it, and then a fire broke out and ruined the hood, a fender, and paint on the firewall. So we decided that it was enough, there is no more money and we are really discouraged because of all the bad luck that is hitting us this year. It's too bad because we broke two personal records that day, a 1.29s 60ft time and a 155MPH top speed. The new engine has real potential, but it will wait until next year. Pictures of the 2005 season will be up soon in the Multimedia section, including a little video of our last 3 passes in Pont Rouge. I would like to thank everyone who helped us and encouraged us in all our bad luck.

4th of July 2005: After a hard time and engine problems at the Sept-Iles Street Drags, I made up for it at the BFGoodrich Street Drag series in Mont Joli this week end by winning the Semi Pro category on Saturday. We were not allowed to race two categories so I didn't go in Super Pro since most of them had full electronic systems. We got eliminated in the first round on Sunday but we are satisfied with our first official full race week end. The car went well except for some slight tuning problems off the line which we will try to correct at our next race in Matane on the 17th of July. See ya there!
Also, please take a look at the new schedule since there were some cancellations in the BFGoodrich Street Drag series, Chute aux Outardes and Edmundston were both cancelled for unknown reasons.

11th of May 2005: Boomer Racing Enterprises is now a distributor of Hoosier Race Tires. Hopefully we will be able to satisfy many customers with these products that we will be using ourselves for our race team.

Hoosier Tire Canada

3rd of May 2005: I would like to welcome Pacific Performance Products as a sponsor for the 2005 season. They are a leader in bringing you performance parts without compromise. Please give them a call for all your racing needs:(714) 773-4177
There are also the sponsors who are extending there commitments onto the 2005 season: Nitrous Express, Yockell Entreprise Inc., Les Autos Yves Boily, Lumen Sept-Iles, Boulons LPG, and Technimage. Thank you for your support.

6th of March 2005: ---- BIG NEWS ----
A year off ???? Can't do it !!!!! My team and I have decided that we are too hooked on racing and more precisely drag racing, and that we will put an engine back in the car to participate in the 2005 season. The new engine combination is already all thought out and most of the parts are ordered, there is only a few details left to finalize for the choice of a camshaft and valve springs. Better heads with close to 340 CFM of flow, a camshaft with about .850 in. of lift and 310 degrees of duration at .050 in. and a better Dart Iron Eagle engine block with 55mm camshaft roller bearings should put us in the 9 s on the 1/4 mile without nitrous and in the 8 s with nitrous. The schedule is already done and up on the site, we start with the Sept-Iles Street Drag which is scheduled for the 19th of June, and almost all the rest of the events are in the National BFGoodrich Street Drag Series in eastern Quebec. So Watch out, WE'RE COMING!!

22nd of December 2004: I am trying a new Photo Album on the website, please take a look at it and tell me what you think. Should I replace my Multimedia page with this? Thanks

4th of December 2004: O.K. all the pictures I have of the 2004 season are up in the Multimedia section. Take a look at them, there are a few that are really nice. If I can borrow my buddies video camera I will be able to put up a few videos, but that will come later.
Other than that, the 2005 season is up in the air for now, on our last outing in Sanair in September a connecting rod let go and the engine block was heavily damaged and declared scrap. I don't know if I will have the money to get everything back together for the 2005 season, so if there are any sponsors out there who are willing to give us a hand with a few parts, please let me know. If not, well, we will be ready for the 2006 season. Thanks.

2nd of December 2004: I added a few pictures in the Multimedia section, I'll try to put up some more tomorrow.

3rd of August 2004: There ya go, back to normal!!! Ha Ha, a first place in Semi Pro and a second place in Super Pro (red light in the final) at the Jonquière street drag on Sunday. Saturdays racing was cancelled because of the rain. Sunday didn't start off too great, until we realized that the bigger tires, the 29.5x10.5W's, had no traction left on them. When we switched to the smaller but better tires, it really picked up and started going good. Well, I guess the only mistake I made was that red light in the Super Pro final, but hey, that's racing!!!!
Now we are taking the transmission back out for a last refresh of the season, doing a few little adjustments, and a brand new pair of tires for the Sept-Iles street drag next weekend. See ya there!!

28th of July 2004: O.K, another first round elimination at the first QSCA event in Napierville, all I can say is that the track was really excellent on Saturday and then really awful on Sunday. Anyway, I was able to make another personal best on Saturday, I made a 9.16s at 150MPH pass, my first 150MPH pass, and thanks to Paul Silva who gave me a few tips on getting a little bit better E.T's. And I would also like to say thanks to everyone who gave me a hand last weekend since my crew was not able to make it to the race. Thanks to you all.

19th of July 2004: Now I know that I haven't given any news in a while but I really have been very very busy. It was a big challenge to install the new NX Shark fogger system in time for the Sept-Iles drag race (one week). The Sept-Iles event went by with no problems at all, we managed to win the event and get the new nitrous system started up. Then we went to Matane for the first BFGoodrich Street drag event and won the Super Pro and finished third in Semi Pro. Now that event didn't go without its problems, we actually finished the last 3 passes with a pair of vise-grips for a shifter because the B&M Megashifter had broken during my tire warm-up in the semi finals in Semi Pro. It probably broke because of the 13 years of abuse I gave it. I called up my good buddy Carl from the Parts Connection in Ontario and had him order one for me and I installed it when I got to his place just before the CFSC event. Then there is the CFSC. I guess I'm still kind of pissed off because of my performance at this event. We started doing some tuning on Friday night and everything went well, I managed to pull off a 9.66 at 143 on a mild tune-up. Saturday was another story. I was having a hard time with spark plug #1 for a while but never really made a case of it, I would just be very careful putting the plug in and out. But Saturday was the day that it decided that it was enough, the engine spit the plug out during my first qualifier and brought all the threads with it. The track crew found the plug somewhere on the track. So I did a 10.50 on 7 cylindres. Now I didn't have the Heli coil kit to repair the threads, only my buddy Carl from The Parts Connection who is 3.5 hours drive from the track has a kit. So Roxy (who runs The Parts Connection) decided to help me out on this one and met me half way on the road, but it still took me 3 hours to go and get back to the track and another hour to fix the threads. We ended up being 10 minutes late for the last qualifier and qualified 11th out of 12 cars. The next morning, we got eliminated in the first round by a guy who does steady 9.0s runs. Now that was very discouraging, but hey, that's drag racing. I guess that all the wins from the events before was just getting to my head. There is one good thing that came out of the Sunday elimination, I got a new best time of 9.36s at 146MPH, we're getting there! Now next week-end is the QSCA event in Napierville and I hope I'll do a little better.

21st of June 2004: WOW, what a week end in Chicoutimi at the Grand National Street Drags and what a great season start. On Saturday we won both Semi-Pro and Super pro and also had the best E.T. of the whole day, including the bikes! We were even in the Progres Dimanche Chicoutimi newspaper on Sunday morning. Sunday started off well but we were stopped by the rain and ended up splitting the money. We were 3 left in Semi-Pro and 5 in Super Pro.

4th of June 2004: I would like to welcome another new sponsor by the name of Revêtements RHR. They are specialized in industrial building covering. Thank you for your support.

12th of May 2004: I would like to welcome a new sponsor by the name of NORDEX. They are a general contractor. Thank you for your support.

3rd of May 2004: I received today the confirmation about the date for the first 2004 Sept-Iles Street Drag, it will be held on the 27th of June. Bring your friends and come see the action.

14th of April 2004: The schedule is now almost complete with the recent addition of the BFGoodrich Street Drag series in eastern Quebec and the Coors Light Grand National Street Drag series in the Saguenay region. Take a look at the 2004 Schedule.

13th of April 2004: I would like to welcome Pièces D'Autos Mingan as a sponsor of the Boomer Racing team. They are a distributor of many parts for all types of vehicles and are affiliated with Auto Parts Plus. Thank You for your support.

10th of April 2004: I would like to welcome Yockell Entreprise as a sponsor of our team. Claude has been part of the team for a few years now and has decided this year to have his brand new company sponsor our team. Thanks Claude.

6th of April 2004: Yahoooo, another first place finish in the Pro Street category at the Saint-Hyacinthe National Motorsports Car Show and a nice big trophy for Special of the Show. Thanks to everyone who helped us get these honors, especially Louis Hounsell from Atelier de Carrosserie L.H. who helped me fix a few scratches and polish the whole thing, and also Yves Boily from Les Autos Yves Boily who let me clean everything up in his garage.

6th of March 2004: Welcome to Boulons LPG as a sponsor of our team. Boulons LPG has been a sponsor of our team since our beginings in stock car racing. Thank you for your encouragement.

18th of February 2004: GOOD NEWS, I just received confirmation that Autometer has hopped on board the Boomer Racing team as a sponsor. Welcome and Thank You for your confidence in us.

17th of February 2004: I would like to welcome Centre du Camion Pelletier Sept-Iles inc. as a sponsor for the 2004 season. They are an authorized dealer and can handle warranty repairs for Freightliner and Caterpillar.

9th of February 2004: I just received confirmation that we will be at the Eastern Quebec Motorsports Car Show on the 14th to 16th of May in Rimouski. The car will be in the BFGoodrich Tires booth along with the team and I. Come by and see us.

5th of February 2004: The sponsors that are continuing to help us for the 2004 season are now on the right side of every page of the site. Welcome aboard and thank you. Hopefully there will be many more to join us.

24th of January 2004: New events on the schedule. The QSCA has put their schedule and website up to date so I put their dates into my schedule.

4th of December 2003: I installed a new message board, please go take a look, register yourself and tell me what you think. Click here

16th of november 2003: I made a little video of our last race of the season on the 27th of September in Pont Rouge, it is in the Multimedia section. Take a look at it and tell me what you think!

3rd of October 2003: This past weekend at Pont Rouge Dragway was kind of deceiving, I lost in the second round by .001 seconds, we realized that my slicks were finished (60 foot times were really bad), a huge accident wiped out all the lights so we had to stop when it got dark, and this same accident wiped out all the timing system past the 1/8th mile, so we finished the event doing 1/8th mile passes with no MPH readings. I guess I'm most pissed off because we wanted to do some testing and tuning of the nitrous system after our elimination (I was running straight motor for the bracket race) and we were only able to get one pass done before it got too dark. We changed the tires and the 60 foot times were much better. But that last pass on nitrous was the highlight of the day, even though it was a 1/8th mile pass, we did our best 60 foot time ever of 1.31s and our best 1/8th mile time of 6.02s and I let go of the gas before getting to the line. That was using a 225 HP shot. It seemed to have went well but there was still a slight hesitation at the end of the first gear, so there is still a need for some tuning. On that pass my buddies said that the front end went up by about 18 inches, that was such a great feeling when I left the line like that.
Well, that is probably the last race of this season. I will probably now have a bit more time to scan this summer's pictures and put them on the site. Thanks for being there, and especially to all the people who have helped us this summer.

18th of August 2003: There is nothing special to say about the IGA car show other than the prizes were given by Docteur du Pare-Brise so they said that only clients of their store could receive prizes!!!! That was a bummer. But lots of people came by and had questions and comments, nice day.
The Sept-Iles Street Drag race just went by yesterday, I finished second to a Super Gas car (full tube chassis, 4 link suspension, 2120lbs and a pair of giant slicks) in the Open category, just the weight difference gives him a huge advantage.

26th of July 2003: Some deceiving news, the BFGoodrich street drag race in Baie Comeau is cancelled. I called the organizers of the race and they confirmed the cancellation without giving me the reason.
But, there will be a car show in the parking of IGA Extra here in Sept-Iles on the 3rd of August and we'll be there.

21st of July 2003: O.K. I haven't given any news in a while, I guess I was just relaxing a bit from our last trip which was a long and very trying one. To start with, in Pont Rouge we changed the transmission twice, only to get beaten in the first round against the top qualifier, then I had a driveshaft problem on my towing truck in New York, then we got rained out at Lebanon Valley Dragway (in other words we went to New York for absolutely nothing), then I took the wrong route to my buddy's place in Smithville Ontario and ended up doing about 2 hours driving for nothing, then the CFSC weekend started with some rain on Friday night and Saturday morning. Wow, talk about discouraging. But then it turned around, we were able to do 3 rounds of qualifying on Saturday afternoon, I ended up 6th out of 10 cars. I was supposed to go against the top qualifier in round one of eliminations but he broke, second round was a buy run, I won third round and I made it to the finals, where I got beat. I also have a new best time on the 1/4 mile: 9.54s at 141MPH, and there is a lot of tuning left to do on the nitrous system because this time was done with a 225HP shot and the engine was sputtering during the pass. But I am very proud of my runner-up finish at the Canadian Fastest Street Car Shootout. Pictures will be up soon in the Pictures section.

24th of June 2003: Yes....First place win in the Open category at the Sept-Iles Drag race with a best time of 6.70 on the 1/8th. The track was very poor on the start line, no traction at all, but we were able to make it stick a little, just enough to put a little nitrous shot and win with the best time of the cars.

4th of June 2003: Although we were rained out at Napierville on Saturday night and Sunday, we were able to get the chassis NHRA certified and made 12 passes without nitrous. Six of those passes were for my NHRA license runs. And also a new personal straight motor best:
10.36s at 131 mi/h, and I think that there is still a little left in the car.

I would like to thank Michel Tremblay from Multi-Transmission in Sept-Iles who was able to fix our transmission on Friday morning and permitted us to leave on Friday afternoon.

20th of May 2003: Just got back from the dyno, not bad, 676 HP and 551 lbs-ft of torque without nitrous. I found a few little problems also (intake gasket) and will be fixing them before I put the engine back in the car. Then we will be getting ready to go to Napierville for NHRA chassis certification and license runs.

8th of April 2003: Yes.... a first place finish in the Street Machine category at the Quebec city car show (Salon de l'Auto Sport) and also: Best out of the ordinary street vehicule, Best out of the ordinary street engine, and Best out of the ordinary street interior. Take a look at the Multimedia section and see for yourself.
Also, there is a full page on our race team in the magazine SMAC (Sport Motorisé et Autos de Collection). A good article explaining all kinds of things about the team and what we want to do during the 2003 season.



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